The Skincare Diary

We are really excited to introduce our newest ambassador Kate from @theskincarediary! A long term customer turned brand ambassador- We are proud to have her join our team of wellness warriors!

Who are you? 

Hi everyone! I’m Kate, creator of and author of The Skincare Diary Vol I. Skincare finds a way into nearly every corner of my life (figuratively and literally), and has been my passion project for nearly the last half decade. I’m often asked if I’m an esthetician or dermatologist, I’m not, just a girl who has become obsessed with skincare research after desperately trying (and failing) to cure my young adult acne with prescription medications many years ago.

However, as much as I love skincare, it’s not my real job, I actually work full time in tech as a data architect/engineer. I am so passionate about both skincare and technology that I hope to one day find a happy medium between the two.

I suppose you could say my work, both skincare and tech, makes up a large part of who I am given I spend about 70 hours a week working, but outside of those things I would describe myself as someone who loves: her two fur cat babies dearly, being outside and hiking in the beautiful PNW, and trying new things.

How would you describe your lifestyle?

Always changing, always busy! My lifestyle has changed so drastically so many times over the last decade.

I grew up doing gymnastics competitively and hoped to one day compete at the college level, however, after fracturing my back that was out of the question. I continued to play every sport I could throughout my high school years but unfortunately suffered an ACL tear in my senior year that put me out for a while and ultimately lead me to discover my love for yoga and piano.

From there I went into college and found myself incredibly bored, so dove right in to the world of tech and then shortly after began my inquiry into the big wide world of skincare.

What role does NC play in your life?

NaturaCulina serves as such a positive light in my life. When I very first became interested in skincare I was probably fourteen and my primary goal was to not have any acne. This lead me down a very dark path of testing and trying every drugstore product, buying into dishonest skincare marketing, and ultimately going on prescription medication to try to fix it.

Eventually when I began my own research and started to really understand the skin and what it needed and what it didn’t, I became obsessive about ingredient lists. I tried out a lot of natural skincare brands and always found myself disappointed, I felt like I was constantly looking for a needle in a haystack: quality skincare products that actually work AND have good ingredient lists. When I stumbled upon NC and tried out my first product from them I was instantly blown away and knew I had found “the one.”

I love everything that NC stands for and I smile every time I look at the products on my shelf.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I dropped out of college after my first semester to work in tech as an engineer! I don’t talk much about this, but it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to experience so many things that I would have otherwise never had exposure to had I gone the traditional route.

What NC products do you use in your daily routine?

Definitely the Rose Mist, Chamomile Oil, Cayenne Aid, and often enough the Rose Berry Mask. The Rose Mist smells so unique to me and I love to use it throughout the day and on my pillow at night! The Chamomile Oil has been a savior to my skin this winter and I couldn’t imagine not using it as part of my PM routine—I also like to occasionally mix it into my makeup for extra glow! Although I don’t use the Rose Berry Mask every day I feel like it’s a notable mention because I use it at least 4x a week either as a mask or spot treatment and it is hands down the best clay mask I have ever put on my face!

As a skincare guru, you’ve tried hundreds of skincare lines- What do you feel like sets NC apart from the rest?

Where to begin! When looking at products I evaluate them based on three criteria:

Effectiveness— All of the products from NC are effective! I’m always a skeptic when it comes to all natural brands, but I’m truly blown away by how well these work. The Chamomile set as an example, restored my moisture barrier and very sensitive skin after an extremely rough winter faster than anything else I’d ever tried.

Ingredient List— Every single ingredient in every product from NC serves a purpose, there are no fillers, alcohol, parabens, etc. that alone wins my respect. I also love that it is so apparent that each ingredient has been thoroughly researched both alone and in combination with other ingredients to create a truly effective formulation.

Brand—Where do products come from? The brand is important to me from an overall perspective. It’s obvious these products are made with passion and love. There’s no quick-win products for marketing here, which is sadly becoming more popular in the skincare industry, it’s just a gal and her team making products they truly believe in and that is so refreshing to see and be a part of!

Overall, NC’s products hit the ball out of the park in all areas I consider important when vetting a product!