The Benefits of Using a Face Mask Brush

For October our product of the month is the Face Mask Brush!

Every order placed in October will be receiving one. There are a few reasons why we love masking with this brush!

  • Applying Natura Culina face masks with a brush allows you to apply your favorite mask evenly and effectively, elevating your masking experience.
  • Using a face mask brush increases the precision of where you apply the face mask, while reducing the amount of bacteria exposed to your face from your hands.
  • There is less product waste when applying your face mask with a brush. The face mask will end up on your face instead of in the sink or on your hands.
  • Masking with a face brush feels like a luxurious experience, feeling something like a mini spa treatment. We recommend using a brush to apply all of our face masks including the Rose Berry Mask, Skin Detox, Chamomile Face Mask and the Botanical Face Mask.


Happy Masking!

XO Team NC