Our Promise

We are trying to stay as current as possible when it comes to sustainability in our company. We are living in a consumer driven world that has proven to have a huge negative impact on the environment. Unfortunately, there are still unethical work environments and excess waste being produced by many companies. Natura Culina is committed to creating positive change in the skincare industry by supporting equality in the workplace and by pursuing the most minimal lasting effect on the planet regarding non-biodegradable waste. When you purchase our products, you are joining a movement of positive change.

Recycling and Sustainability - Natura Culina

When it comes to packaging we use as much glass as possible. In our shipping process, we use biodegradable peanuts, recycled plastic bubbles, and we also give our returning customers the chance to go paperless for their order.

Your Part

1. Repurpose

We recommend that you repurpose your bottles and jars. We have found Pinterest to be a helpful tool for creative ways to repurpose your empty containers.

2. Recycle

Use this map to locate a local recycling facility in your area. This map will continue to be updated as we continue to grow and learn more about recycling/repurposing options across the U.S. If you know of a recycling/repurposing center and don’t see it on the map, we’d love to add it and encourage others to do their part too! Thank you for your commitment to reducing consumer waste.

3. Get Involved

If you want to get more involved with our sustainability program and goals, keep an eye on our Instagram @naturaculina for special promotions and offers.

We would love to recognize you for your efforts and for doing your part.