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If you are struggling with periodic breakouts, especially around your period, our first suggestion for a skincare set would be our Chamomile Skincare Set with the Botanical Face Mask. Our Chamomile products are effective in unclogging pores and in treating cystic acne. Using the Botanical Face Mask 1x per week on a regular basis helps heal existing breakouts and helps prevent future breakouts.


Ingredients for Chamomile Face Wash, Chamomile Face Mist, Chamomile Face Oil: Chamomile Skincare Set

Ingredients and direction to mix for Botanical Face Mask: Botanical Face Mask


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We highly recommend adding the Botanical Face Wash and the Rose’Berry Face Mask to this routine.

Use the Botanical Face Wash in your PM skincare routine around your period.
Use the Rose’ Berry Face Mask 1-2x per week to restore moisture and nutrients to your skin.



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