Chamomile Face Wash

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The Chamomile Foaming Face Wash was created for those struggling with dry, sensitive, and/or inflamed skin.  Chamomile essential oil helps to calm and soothe the skin due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Saponified certified organic coconut oil is used as the base for its nutritional value.



Saponified Cocos Nucifera* (Coconut) Oil, Matricaria Chamomile (Chamomile)
*Certified Organic

Shelf Life
Due to the nature of our products and the fresh ingredients that are used, our products do not last as long as other brands.
・Unopened: 24 months
・Opened: 12 months

Apply 2-4 pumps of foam to damp skin, massage and rinse with warm water. Can be used morning and night.

Also recommended after workout.

NC Routine:
• Pre-Cleanse
Face Wash
• Face Mist
• Hibiscus E Eye Serum
• Splash Hyaluronic Acid Serum
• “C” Me Vitamin C Serum
• Face Oil
• SPF Moisturizer in the AM
• Makeup + Honey C Lip Balm

・Mixing and matching our face washes can be beneficial for some skin types. For example, you can mix a few pumps of our Chamomile Foaming Face Wash with a few pumps of our Botanical Foaming Face Wash in your PM skincare routine to treat mild breakouts!

・If your skin feels dry or irritated, it could be due to over-cleansing. We highly recommend rinsing your face with warm water only in your AM skincare routine, following up with the rest of your skincare regimen. Always wash your face with face wash in your PM skincare routine. 

・If you’re looking to add moisture to cleansing routine, we recommend that you use the Pre-Cleanse prior to cleansing your face with the face wash. The Pre-Cleanse will help remove daily impurities, while elevating skin hydration. Pre-Cleanse can be used in the AM and PM for any skin type.

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