Chamomile Face Wash

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How do you select the best face wash for your skin? By it’s ingredients, of course! It is my personal mantra and I can’t stress it enough. Just like food, you want to use simple but high quality ingredients on your face. What makes this foaming facial wash uniquely suited to all skin types is that we use as the base Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil well known for its antibacterial properties so say goodbye to blemishes and uneven skin tone. With loads of antioxidants, it is also a great natural moisturizer. Chamomile is an ideal choice for any skin type for naturally calming but it’s make it particularly beneficial for those with sensitive or inflamed and irritated skin for its antiseptic and antibiotic properties.

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Key Botanical: Chamomile  – Joy | Calm nerves | Harmony | Kindness


Saponified Virgin Coconut Oil*, Chamomile Essential Oil

*Certified Organic

Apply 1-2 pumps of foam to damp skin, massage and rinse with warm water. Can be used morning and night.

Also recommended after workout.

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