Chamomile Face Mist

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Our Chamomile face mist is 100% Pure Certified Organic Chamomile Water that benefits all skin types especially for dry-sensitive and/or inflamed skin.  Chamomile water helps to soothe and cool irritated skin and to balance and hydrate dry skin because it’s naturally rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Be sure to spritz often!


100% pure certified organic Matricaria Chamomilla (Chamomile) Hydrosol Water

・Applying a face mist is the second step in a NC skincare routine. Misting generally comes after cleansing and before oil application, but you can mist throughout the day to restore moisture and supply nutrients to your skin to help it thrive!

・For best results, follow up with your favorite NC face oil or combination of oils!

・Use AM/PM in your daily skincare routine as recommended. Our face mists are pure, herbal essences providing nutrients and moisture directly to the skin when applied before your face oil or combination of oils.

・It’s beneficial to use herbal face mists throughout the day. NC Face Mists not only elevate skin hydration, but also have the power to elevate your mood through aromatherapy.

・Face Mists can also be used to:
– Set makeup
– Soothe sunburns
– Freshen up throughout the day (ie: when traveling on a plane, going on a hike, stuck in traffic, etc.)

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