Chamomile Face Mist Full Size

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Slow down and breathe would be fitting and simple description of our Chamomile Facial Mist. But let’s go little deeper, something like “skin deep”. We use high quality certified organic Chamomile water that is distilled with all its nourishing properties to revitalize our skin.


Key Botanical: Chamomile  – Joy | Calm nerves | Harmony | Kindness

Chamomile water can bring benefits to all skin types, but dry-sensitive skin is benefiting the most. Chamomile helps to sooth and cool irritated skin, balance and cleanse dry skin. Rich in antioxidants and due to its anti-inflammatory properties makes it effective skin protecting product against free-radicals that helps slow down signs of aging, hydrate and nourish the skin


100% Pure Certified Organic Chamomile Water

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