Botanical Skincare Set Travel Size


Our Botanical Skincare set is effective for skin types that struggle with severe acne and persistent breakouts. As the antibacterial properties of the Botanical Skincare set remove excess oil from your skin, you may experience dryness. In this case, we recommend incorporating the Chamomile Skincare set into your routine to provide hydration as your skin begins to heal. Our Botanical Skincare set is designed to act as the first step towards healing severe and persistent acne. The ultimate goal is to transition to incorporating more of our hydrating chamomile face products.

Note: Botanical set can be used to treat body breakouts.

For ingredients and mixing directions:
Botanical Skincare Set – click here

Also available: Chamomile Skincare Set Traveler – click here


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Option to include a Natura Culina travel bag.

Buy it with any of our travel size skincare set or product, and save $4.00!

Natura Culina Travel Bag


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