Botanical Face Mist

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1oz – $9 | 2oz – $14 | Both – $20

Our Botanical Face Mist is 100% pure certified organic Lavandin Hydrosol that is considered an herbal tonerThe health benefits of Lavandin water are attributed to its soothing, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. Our Botanical Face Mist is recommended  for those with oily and/or combination skin because of its potential to absorb excess oil without drying out the skin. 



・Applying a face mist is the second step in a NC skincare routine. Misting generally comes after cleansing and before oil application, but you can mist throughout the day to restore moisture and supply nutrients to your skin to help it thrive!

NC Routine:
• Pre-Cleanse
• Face Wash
• Face Mist
• Hibiscus E Eye Serum
• “C” Me Vitamin C Serum
• Splash Hyaluronic Acid Serum
• Face Oil
• SPF Moisturizer in the AM
• Makeup + Honey C Lip Balm

100% pure certified organic Lavandula x intermedia (Lavandin) Hydrosol Water

Shelf Life
Due to the nature of our products and the fresh ingredients that are used, our products do not last as long as other brands.
・Unopened: 12 months
・Opened: 6 months

It is important to remember that not every product is for every skin type. For this reason, we HIGHLY recommend that first time customers start with our less expensive travel size products before investing in the full size products. We acknowledge that every skin type is unique. You may find that mixing and matching our products will lead you to the right skincare set for your skin needs.

・Tips for all Face Mists: We recommend that you cleanse your face before applying the face mist and follow up with face oil.

・For Oily Skin: We recommend that you use the Botanical Face Mist throughout the day as it is effective in absorbing excess oil without drying the skin.

・Face mists can be used to set makeup.

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