Botanical Face Mist Travel Size


1oz – $9

Lavandin water has all the same relaxing and balancing qualities as Lavender water. One of the many benefits of Lavandin is more consistent and stronger aroma.

The health benefits of Lavandin water are attributed to its properties as an antidepressant, antiseptic and ideal to treat oily and combination skin.

We use a high quality certified organic Lavandin water that is not only a fantastic toner for oily and combination skin but also an excellent skin hydrating product full of skin nourishing properties with relaxing grassy and floral aromas. Enjoy it in our travel size!

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Option to include a Natura Culina travel bag.

Buy it with any of our travel size skincare set or product, and save $4.00!

Natura Culina Travel Bag

Key Botanical: Lavandin – Relax | Cleanse | Aromatherapy | Breath


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