Anti-Aging Sampler


Our anti-aging Rose and Lavender set is for young or mature skin. Mostly effective for skins that are NOT effected by acne or periodical breakouts. YOU MUST KNOW that Rose can be irritating to some skins! It doesn't happen often but sometimes it does. Irritation may appear in cause of redness and “pimples like” skin reaction. If your skin is more on the dry and sensitive side please try our Chamomile set with Chamomile Face Mask.

QUICK TIP: You can always mix couple drops of  your Rose Oil with couple drops of Chamomile Oil in your AM/PM routine. You will get anti-aging effect of Rose in less concentrated form and less likely to irritate your skin. Visit the Anti-Aging Skincare Set product page for ingredients and directions on how to use.

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Sampler: Face Wash, Face Mist, Face Oil

• Add Rose’Berry sample for an additional $2.00

• Add Skin Detox Face Mask for an additional $2.00

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