Organic Skincare – Our Mission

Our Mission

Here at Natura Culina we believe in the healing power of plants for the skin. Our unique organic skincare system appreciates individuality and mirrors the simplicity found in nature. Green, clean, and simple; our 100% natural and non-toxic approach has proven to be an effective alternative to solutions that use artificial ingredients. Natura Culina acknowledges that anything we use on our skin will end up in our body. Rooted in nature, our products use a combination of vitamins and age-defying antioxidants found in plants, eliminating the need for the addition of toxins. Our system aligns with nature allowing your skin to heal. We are here to help guide you in finding your unique organic skincare solution, illuminating nature’s ability to heal the skin, mind, and body

Ingredients with Intention

Santa Barbara is the birthplace of our company and has inspired the green, clean and conscious foundation of Natura Culina. We support sustainably conscious farms and hope to inspire others to embrace the simple and natural ways to heal through plants. Our carbon footprint and our impact on the planet matter to us. We are constantly striving to find new ways to improve the quality and environmental responsibility of our products.


We stand for ZERO toxicity in our products.

Our products do NOT contain:


Our products are NEVER tested on animals – only real humans, yielding real results.


While our ingredients are mindfully sourced from around the US and around the world, we are proud to produce our natural skincare in California.


We do not use genetically modified organisms in our products. We use only organic and natural ingredients.