My NC Way

My NC Way

We want to see what NC Culture means to YOU.

NC is more than just a skincare company, we are a tribe of like-minded individuals who thrive on connection. The NC community is important to us, we want to continue to grow with you, supporting and empowering you while you heal your mind, body, and skin.

Each month we will choose one individual who has used the hashtag #MyNCWay to be treated with a $150 shopping spree on our website.

NC Mantra

I am a badass, confident individual who is unafraid to be who I really am. I am committed to rediscovering myself daily. I care for my body, mind, and soul. I own the skin I live in. I am a game changer. This is my NC WAY.


Daily Strive

1. MIND – I show up for myself

2. BODY – I eat to fuel my body and move it with purpose

3. SKIN – Love on my largest organ, healing myself from the outside in #powerofplants