Our community has seen the life-changing effects of natural disasters firsthand. Due to the geographical location of Santa Barbara, urban-interface fires are ever present and will continue to be a major issue with the changes in our environment.

Natura Culina acknowledges the efforts put forth by our local fire departments and wants to contribute to the efforts of Santa Barbara Firefighter Alliance as it works to “ensures the safety of our community by raising funds to purchase much needed, unbudgeted, state-of-the-art equipment to enhance the effectiveness of our city and county firefighters in their work to protect all of us” (Santa Barbara Firefighters Alliance). Our local departments, specifically Santa Barbara City and Santa Barbara County Fire Department participate in mutual aid efforts, lending resources to departments outside of its jurisdictional boundaries- Allowing the resources provided by Santa Barbara Firefighters Alliance to reach local departments and beyond.

We have created the Anti-Inflammatory Duo, which is a combination of our Eucalyptus Body Wash and the Cayenne Aid. Both of these products are essential for an active lifestyle and are the perfect duo to sell to raise money for a cause close to our hearts.

By buying our Anti-Inflammatory Duo, you are supporting the efforts of Santa Barbara Firefighters Alliance as they work to provide Santa Barbara City and Santa Barbara County Fire Departments with the resources necessary to protect the people and property of our community.

Natura Culina is donating 10% of sales from each Anti-Inflammatory Duo sold to Santa Barbara Firefighters Alliance.

Anti-Inflammatory Duo - Natura Culina