Domestic Violence

We want to highlight and support causes that are close to our hearts.

We chose to partner with local non-profit organizations.

“For me, Domestic Violence Solutions is a resource that I wish I had during a personal trauma. I want to use our platform to spread awareness about the services and support that are provided by our local domestic violence shelters”

-Lenka Tinka, Founder of Natura Culina

Natura Culina aligns with the mission of Domestic Violence Solutions, as they “work to end the intergenerational cycle of domestic violence by providing prevention and intervention services and by challenging society’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviors to effect social change.” Natura Culina wants to help spread awareness about domestic violence and the resources that are available to men and women who fall victim to domestic abuse.

Natura Culina is donating 10% of sales from each Rose Duo sold to Domestic Violence Solutions

Rose Duo Skincare Set - Natura Culina