Organic Skincare Ambassadors


Our Ambassador Team is comprised of influential athletes and wellness warriors. Each of our ambassadors play a crucial role in spreading the Natura Culina love and our company values.

Our team members are loyal believers in the healing power of plants for the skin. They provide a unique point of view in their individual areas of expertise – athletics, skincare, wellness, and nutrition.

Ambassador - Samantha Purnell
Samantha Purnell

Samantha... also know as Sam or Sammy, is an adventurer in her hometown, Stowe, Vermont. While taking advantage of where she lives (that means long harsh winters and very little sun all year round), Sam always finds a way to be outside with friends, family or getting lost in the woods by herself on her bike or in her trail running shoes! Sustainability is almost second nature for her, since Vermont is one of the most green states in the country - recycling, reusable containers, and buying products with little to no plastic is nothing new! Her values align seamlessly with NC: with her love to be active, outside, and loving nature... being conscientious of the products she consumes and shares with her social media following, it is a no-brainer that she's a part of our team.


Ambassador - Beth Greer
Beth Greer

Beth Greer, aka the Super Natural Mom®, is an Environmental Toxins Expert & Educator, Certified Toxin-Free Living Health Coach, and award-winning journalist who eliminated a sizable tumor in her chest without drugs or surgery by detoxing her body and home. She’s the author of the bestseller Super Natural Home, endorsed by Deepak Chopra and Dr. Joseph Mercola, and has been named a Top 50 Health & Environmental Journalist to Follow.


Ambassador - Drini Marie
Drini Marie

With an undeniable talent and an electrifying presence, Drini Marie has become one of the elite makeup artists in the industry today. In an attempt to cover all ground imaginable, this businesswoman with a natural talent for turning humans into living dolls, has worked with some of the entertainment industries best. As both a pro mua and licensed esthetician, she is extremely passionate about skin care and skin prep prior to makeup application. She has traveled extensively and has been fortunate enough to share her expertise and knowledge both domestically and internationally. Whether it’s on set, at a photo shoot or in her studio, Drini, with an Associate’s of Art in Fashion Design from FIDM and a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Fashion Design & Marketing, feels comfortable enough to handle any situation and will continue to grow into a household name. Lights, Camera, Action!


Ambassador - Helen Hall
Helen Hall

We have long admired the ambition and drive of Helen Hall, founder of Hushup x Hustle, Blender Bombs and HUSTLE Smoothie Bar. We connected with Helen when she started using our products a little over a year ago. Lenka Tinka, founder of Natura Culina had the chance to try Helen’s Blender Bombs. As a busy entrepreneur who values health and wellness, Lenka knew that Helen was on to something neat.


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Jessie Hoyt

Jessi is an Idaho native and outdoorsy- girl, with a love for all things fresh, fit, and fun! Ever since living in Santa Barbara, Jessi works in healthcare, thus is constantly motivated to stay active and healthy. Natura Culina is aligned with similar values, natural, high-quality ingredients, and helping all of us feel beautiful and comfortable in our own skin.


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Dagny Knutson

Once an elite athlete, and now working business woman, Dagny loves challenges, physical and in the office. NaturaCulina has helped Dagny grow her confidence no matter what role she is in, and truly believes NC products are fit for any woman’s lifestyle! “I’ve been using NaturaCulina’s products now for three years and my skin has only improved no matter where I am or what I’m doing. The fact the NC is such a socially responsible and caring company really emphasizes the support and pride I have for the company as a whole – and not to mention my skin is glowing! It’s a brand I genuinely believe in.


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Kristy Kowal

Kristy is an Olympic swimmer turned third grade teacher who devotes much of her time traveling the country swimming in open water swims for charity. Natura Culina has taught me the importance of keeping my skin care regimen simple by using only natural products. “In my late 30s Natura Culina has helped me feel beautiful and confident in my own skin for the first time. Using all natural products made by someone who truly cares about helping others has made all the difference in my world.”


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Emily Nolan Joseph

Emily Nolan is an international spokeswoman of radical self‐acceptance. She helps women see themselves as a miracle just the way they are. She was a model, and shifted unhealthily between 16 different clothing sizes, surviving disordered eating, body dysmorphia, and multiple plastic surgeries. In 2015, she left her modeling career to heal her body and mind. She uses a strict regimen of Natura Culina products. Over the course of two months, the NC skin care system of Rose and Chamomile Oils (PM), natural face washes (after workout and PM), Vitamin E oil (PM), and Rose and Chamomile Face Mists (All day) completely healed her skin breakouts from sweaty workouts and humid weather, and helped fill in her smile lines and dark circles. She rarely wears makeup now because of the freedom the NC products have given her to bare her natural skin.


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Morgan Tyler

Competitive swimmer turned full-time Yogi, Morgan travels the world teaching people her passions of handstands and Acroyoga, along with running her social media account @the_southern_yogi on Instagram. When she’s not on the road you can usually find her cuddling her wolf pup or bengal cats, sipping on a strong cup of English breakfast tea or baking a dessert. Natura Culina literally saved her skin a year ago when she was in the thick of traveling and just hopping from product to product trying to find anything that worked. She now has a strict regimen of delicious products that her skin eats right up. A few essentials and favorites for her are the Rose Face Oil, Lavender Foaming Face Wash and Detox Exfoliating Mask. These products are absolute miracle workers and Morgan couldn’t speak more highly of the quality and company.


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Jessica Long

If there’s one thing you should know about Jessica, it’s that her life has never been so-called “normal.” Adopted from a Russian orphanage at 13 months old, born without lower legs due to a birth defect, she has never let her challenges stop her. No mater what was thrown her way... giving up was never an option. She joined a swim team to fulfill her lifelong dream of being a mermaid.

In 2004, Jessica burst into the international Paralympic world winning 3 gold medals as a 12 year old. She has competed all over the world, and in Rio 2016 became the second most decorated US Paralympic athlete. She is aiming for her 5th Paralympics in Tokyo 2020 and has a book coming out in June 2018. Be on the lookout for "Unsinkable!"

She loves all things related to skincare and health and is so passionate about pure, wholesome products. Her favorite mask in the Rose’Berry Face Mask.


Kate - Natura Culina Ambassadors

Kate, author of The Skincare Diary Vol I and creator of spends most of her time researching the ins and outs of the skin as well as testing any and all products available. Her passion for skincare ignited half a decade ago when she gave up on prescription medication and began to research practical methods for healing, protecting, and taking care of the skin. Kate has fairly sensitive skin and fell in love with Natura Culina’s products after trying the Rose Berry Mask which helped to gently purify her skin while also providing intensive hydrating and healing benefits. Kate is often found in her natural habitat with a sheet mask on and a cup of tea in her hands.