Organic Skincare Ambassadors


Our Ambassador Team is comprised of influential athletes and wellness warriors. Each of our ambassadors play a crucial role in spreading the Natura Culina love and our company values.

Our team members are loyal believers in the healing power of plants for the skin. They provide a unique point of view in their individual areas of expertise – athletics, skincare, wellness, and nutrition.

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Caroline Burckle

As an Olympian, Caroline loves a good TEAM, and Natura Culina provides that environment not only within the company itself, but to all of the beautiful souls all over that benefit from the organic oils and natural products. Caro is not only an athlete herself, but she works with athletes on the power of self-confidence both in and out of sport. “Feeling beautiful is both internal and external. Both go hand-in-hand… when you have one of those feelings nailed down, the other follows!”


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Dagny Knutson

Once an elite athlete, and now working business woman, Dagny loves challenges, physical and in the office. NaturaCulina has helped Dagny grow her confidence no matter what role she is in, and truly believes NC products are fit for any woman’s lifestyle! “I’ve been using NaturaCulina’s products now for three years and my skin has only improved no matter where I am or what I’m doing. The fact the NC is such a socially responsible and caring company really emphasizes the support and pride I have for the company as a whole – and not to mention my skin is glowing! It’s a brand I genuinely believe in.


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Jessie Hoyt

Jessi is an Idaho native and outdoorsy- girl, with a love for all things fresh, fit, and fun! Ever since living in Santa Barbara, Jessi works in healthcare, thus is constantly motivated to stay active and healthy. Natura Culina is aligned with similar values, natural, high-quality ingredients, and helping all of us feel beautiful and comfortable in our own skin.


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Jenisse Curry

Jenisse is a full‐time working mom from Santa Barbara. A love for the California sun and to keep moving ‐‐ whether swimming, yoga, running, or evening walks with family ‐‐ the importance of balance and taking care of yourself has never been more important. “I was introduced to Natura Culina when I was pregnant, quickly finding the all‐natural ingredients were the perfect solution to transform my skin. A brand that cares deeply, Natura Culina delivers quality and love in every drop.


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Kristy Kowal

Kristy is an Olympic swimmer turned third grade teacher who devotes much of her time traveling the country swimming in open water swims for charity. Natura Culina has taught me the importance of keeping my skin care regimen simple by using only natural products. “In my late 30s Natura Culina has helped me feel beautiful and confident in my own skin for the first time. Using all natural products made by someone who truly cares about helping others has made all the difference in my world.”


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Sam Elliot

Sam is a unique, strong, and confident man with a love for acting and modeling. Sam has appeared in several commercials and movies, such as Pantene Pro-V and Chasing Mavericks, respectively. He also models for brands such as Harley Davidson and Marco Marco. Sam is as active as they come, and craves all forms of movement to better his body and steady his mind. Sam began using Natura Culina to align his natural California lifestyle with an organic skincare product. He takes a stance for men’s health, proving that dudes can achieve healthy skin, too.


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Zoe Szczepanek

Zoe is an Obstacle Course Racer, a lover of the outdoors, and an avid smiler. As an athlete and someone that is regularly covered in sweat (and the occasional mud), she understands the importance of skincare. She thinks a smile is the best makeup you can wear, so she feels confident with Natura Culina to keep her skin glowing. “I don’t get to decide the elements I have to battle out on the course, but I can control the elements I put on my skin, this is why I choose Natura Culina”.


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Hannah Jenner

Hannah is a pro sailor and avid Crossfitter and as someone who spends a lot of time out in the harsh salty ocean environment, she makes skin care a big priority. As an athlete in a male dominated sport, Hannah loves to take time out to pamper herself with Natura Culina products when she steps ashore and after a tough training session in the gym she relies Cayenne Oil to fast track her recovery. “I go to great lengths to chose the right foods to fuel my body and I apply the same logic to my skin care. I want to use only the best natural products on my skin and Natura Culina is by far the best”


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Jessica Olie

Jessica Olie, author of #LETSSTARTYOGA ebooks and international yoga teacher spends a lot of her time upside down, sharing her passion of yoga with others on social media @jessicaolie and traveling the world. During a stressful time in her life, coming off of using any birth control Jessica found her skin struggling, which called for a skin reset and a strict routine using only natural and nourishing products on her skin. Jessica has very sensitive skin and has found that a mix of the chamomile and botanical products has worked miracles. With skincare, less is more and Jessica has found the benefits of using simple yet effective products to clear her skin.


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Mhyria Polyakova

Mhyria is a full-time mama who strives to keep a healthy balance between precious family time, cultivating a community and empowering women (especially all those Mamas out there), and that sacred self-love time.

Being a post collegiate swimmer, she always understood the importance of nourishing your body and soul with only the best. “My motto has always been less is more. I feel the most fulfilled when I have a life free of fluff and filled with one simple ingredient: love. Natura Culina goes hand-in-hand with my mindset. Her products exemplify that you can achieve more with less and when made with love, you will always be a leader in your craft.


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Elizabeth Beisel

Elizabeth is a professional Olympic swimmer who loves ALL things in the water. She grew up surfing the east coast and swimming in her backyard pool, and looks for any excuse to be active in her favorite element. Being an elite athlete, she has always monitored her eating and recovery for her body, but neglected her skin for many years. Since joining Natura Culina, she has learned that self care goes far beyond what you eat and how much you sleep. Chlorine and salt water take quite the toll on all skins, and since being with Natura Culina, her skin and confidence has improved ten-fold. Elizabeth is PUMPED to have found a company that supports her active lifestyle, as well as the environment that she loves to be in. All natural and organic products that make her skin the best it’s ever been.


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Emily Nolan Joseph

Emily Nolan is an international spokeswoman of radical self‐acceptance. She helps women see themselves as a miracle just the way they are. She was a model, and shifted unhealthily between 16 different clothing sizes, surviving disordered eating, body dysmorphia, and multiple plastic surgeries. In 2015, she left her modeling career to heal her body and mind. She uses a strict regimen of Natura Culina products. Over the course of two months, the NC skin care system of Rose and Chamomile Oils (PM), natural face washes (after workout and PM), Vitamin E oil (PM), and Rose and Chamomile Face Mists (All day) completely healed her skin breakouts from sweaty workouts and humid weather, and helped fill in her smile lines and dark circles. She rarely wears makeup now because of the freedom the NC products have given her to bare her natural skin.


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Morgan Tyler

Competitive swimmer turned full-time Yogi, Morgan travels the world teaching people her passions of handstands and Acroyoga, along with running her social media account @the_southern_yogi on Instagram. When she’s not on the road you can usually find her cuddling her wolf pup or bengal cats, sipping on a strong cup of English breakfast tea or baking a dessert. Natura Culina literally saved her skin a year ago when she was in the thick of traveling and just hopping from product to product trying to find anything that worked. She now has a strict regimen of delicious products that her skin eats right up. A few essentials and favorites for her are the Rose Face Oil, Lavender Foaming Face Wash and Detox Exfoliating Mask. These products are absolute miracle workers and Morgan couldn’t speak more highly of the quality and company.


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Jessica Long

If there’s one thing you should know about Jessica, it’s that her life has never been so-called “normal.” Adopted from a Russian orphanage at 13 months old, born without lower legs due to a birth defect, she has never let her challenges stop her. No mater what was thrown her way... giving up was never an option. She joined a swim team to fulfill her lifelong dream of being a mermaid.

In 2004, Jessica burst into the international Paralympic world winning 3 gold medals as a 12 year old. She has competed all over the world, and in Rio 2016 became the second most decorated US Paralympic athlete. She is aiming for her 5th Paralympics in Tokyo 2020 and has a book coming out in June 2018. Be on the lookout for "Unsinkable!"

She loves all things related to skincare and health and is so passionate about pure, wholesome products. Her favorite mask in the Rose’Berry Face Mask.